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Why do I not have an ambient temperature reading?

You may notice that instead of an ambient temperature reading, you sometimes have a dash in its place. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your probe, this is just a feature of our app.

The MEATER app tracks your cook through a number of different states such as setting up, cooking, resting etc. The ambient temperature will only appear once you are cooking your meat. MEATER determines this as when the ambient temperature is above 40 degrees C and is higher than the internal temperature, because these conditions show that your heat source is active. Once the ambient temperature has fallen below the internal temperature, such as when resting a large cut of meat, it will no longer show.

If you are only seeing a dash for your ambient temperature, it likely means one of these conditions is not currently being met. Once a cook is underway and it is appropriate to start giving ambient readings and cook estimates, the actual ambient temperature will appear immediately.

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