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For peace of mind during longer cooks, use USB power located under the MEATER Block stand.

Can I power the Block via USB?

Yes, the Block will work when powered via USB, and it will charge the probes when the Block is turned OFF.

What kind of USB power does the Block require?

The Block requires a 5V, 500 mA micro USB connection for USB power.

Can I use rechargeable AA batteries with the Block? Will these batteries charge when powered by USB?

Yes, you can use rechargeable AA batteries with the Block, but the USB will not recharge these batteries. The Block just uses the USB as an alternative power source. We recommend to always have AA batteries in the Block just in case you lose USB power.

Can I use a USB power bank to power the Block?

Yes, however some power packs may enter a save/sleep mode due to the low voltage required by the Block in standalone mode, so results may vary. All USB power banks should work with the Block in WiFi mode due to the higher voltage requirement.

Can I remove the batteries if the Block is powered by USB?

Yes, but we recommend to keep batteries in the Block regardless of how it is being powered. This will not affect the lifetime of the batteries.

What happens if I remove the USB while the Block is ON?

The Block will automatically switch to battery power when the USB is removed. If there are no batteries, the Block will power OFF and lose the cook settings.

How long will the Block last on battery power?

The Block will function for over 24 hours in WiFi mode on fresh battery power. In standalone mode, the Block will last over 72 hours on fresh battery power.

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