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Can’t connect to your MEATER Block?

Unable to see your MEATER Block on your phone? Don’t panic, there are a few common causes for this. We’ll go through the following:

1. Checking your internet connection

It is possible that your Block is connected to your Wi-Fi network, but there is no internet connection. To check this, connect to the same Wi-Fi network with your computer or mobile device and try to load a web page. If you cannot view any content online, try and resolve your connectivity issues before using the Block.

2. Signing in to your Wi-Fi network

Some Wi-Fi networks require you to sign in before you can use the service. For example, when using a guest network. Because you cannot sign in via web browser on the Block itself, even if you go through Wi-Fi Set Up on the app your Block still won’t be connected to the internet. If this is the only type of Wi-Fi network you have available, we recommend using Standalone Mode instead. Otherwise, we suggest using a network that doesn’t require signing in in this way.

3. Getting your Block on the right network

If you have completed the Block set up but still can’t connect, it may be on the wrong Wi-Fi network. To resolve this, put the Block back in to “Set Up Wi-Fi” mode from the Block settings and go through the steps again. Make sure the Wi-Fi network you choose is the exact same one you are connected to on your phone.

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