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MEATER Disconnecting?

If you are having trouble staying connected to your MEATER probe, there are some steps you can take to ensure a more stable connection. These will differ depending on whether you are using a MEATER, MEATER+ or MEATER Block. Below we will go through the different options available.

Staying Connected To MEATER

Firstly, keep your mobile device as close as possible to your MEATER. Any physical obstruction such as the oven material itself, walls etc. will reduce the range of the Bluetooth signal. We would always recommend if possible leaving a phone directly next to the oven connected to the MEATER and using another device to track the cook. You can do this by connecting to the same probe over MEATER Link, or sharing the cook to track in a web browser. This way, Bluetooth range will never be an issue.

If you are definitely within Bluetooth range and still find you lose your connection frequently, check that you are not connected to many different Bluetooth devices. Some phones struggle to keep a consistent connection when paired with a large number of Bluetooth accessories.

It is also important to check that the ambient (flat) tip of the probe is not wrapped in, or touching metal. If the tip is wrapped in foil, or directly touching metal, it will not be able to transmit a signal properly.

Lastly, if you are using an appliance with microwave shielding you will find you cannot get a signal at all (or barely). This is because microwaves are shielded to stop any electromagnetic radiation leaking during cooking. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is also a type of electromagnetic radiation, and while it is not harmful it will still be blocked by the microwave shielding.

Staying Connected To MEATER+

With MEATER+, the main thing to check is that you are connected to the MEATER+ charger, not the probe itself. This is easy to check as it will show up in the app with a plus icon and will be called MEATER+, rather than just MEATER.

Also make sure that you leave the MEATER+ charger as close as possible to the MEATER probe to allow a strong connection between the two, as it is possible they are losing connection to each other rather than the charger losing connection to your phone.

Staying Connected To MEATER Block

To get the best connection to a MEATER Block, ensure that it is in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal. As long as both the Block and your mobile device have a strong Wi-Fi connection, you shouldn’t have any issues losing connection between the two.

If you find you are still losing connection on the app, it is possible that the MEATER Probes are losing connection to the Block over Bluetooth. The best thing to do is to leave the Block as close as possible to the probes during cooking.

If you are still having issues keeping a stable connection, please use the link below to utilise our MEATER support wizard.

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