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MEATER Maximum Temperatures

It is important to not exceed the temperature limits of the MEATER probe to avoid potentially damaging or breaking it. Please follow the guidelines below to keep your MEATER in the best possible condition.

Temperature Limits

The ambient sensor of your probe can be used at temperatures up to 527°F/275°C​, and the internal sensor can be used at temperatures up to 212°F/100°C​. Beyond these temperatures, the probes may become damaged leading to inaccurate results in the future or destruction of the sensors entirely.

Why Those Temperatures Specifically?

These limits are based off the reasonable temperatures expected when cooking meats. The internal components of the MEATER are not expected to reach high temperatures as they are shielded by the meat itself. This should not be an issue, however, because the internal temperature of your meat should never reach 212°F/100°C, or exceed it, as it would be inedible due to complete moisture loss.

The ambient sensor should only be used in temperatures up to 527°F/275°C​ because it is only intended for use in indirect heat. If you were to sear your meat in a pan with the MEATER inserted, for example, you would risk permanently damaging the ambient sensor. For situations such as this we always recommend finding a compromise, such as a reverse sear method where the MEATER is used for the cooking but not the searing.

Searing Solutions

We understand that the temperature limits of the MEATER do not allow for searing your meats, and we highly discourage using MEATER with direct heat if it exceeds the above guidelines. There are a few different methods you can use and still incorporate a sear into your cooking.

A reverse sear is usually the best option, especially for steaks. Simply oven cook your meat with the MEATER inserted until it is slightly under the desired temperature. When it is done take it out, remove the MEATER, and sear all sides on high heat for a few seconds. Alternatively, you can sear at the start of your cook for a short time, then insert the MEATER and cook with indirect heat until the meat is cooked through. This works best for meats such as skinless chicken breast, which tend to get a dry surface from cooking entirely with indirect heat.

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